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Sports and Fitness for Self Improvement

Updated: May 27, 2023

It is tough for anyone who has to put a part of their identity in the past and replace their goals. Some do it better than others, shifting everything to something else without having the question of, “Wonder what would have been if…?” It was the exact question I often asked after my college career finished. If I did not party as much then I could have made it to the USATF Qualifiers. Or could have made it to the NFL if I stuck with football in high school. Those questions have no answers or value to me now. I figured that a better question to ask is,

What did I learn and how am I applying it?

Only Forward, is a motto that summarizes some of the most important characteristics I have learned for self improvement and reflection. This is first a mindset, an underlying motivation, then a process to make the little details memorable for each lesson to improve future results. The result, situation, or experience may be good, bad, or indifferent but learning and adapting will happen no matter what.

I will use my experiences to answer questions and hopefully pose the right questions for an ability to gain a better understanding on yourself. Anytype of change or adjustments can be challenging but we always can be learning for better results in the future.


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