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NEAT ways to improve your health: non-workouts

Improve Health

Yes. Your read that correctly. You can improve your health and wellness without working out! It is so simple to do that you don't have to go to the gym. Don't have to change your routine. Don't have look up exercises. All you will be do is make small changes to your everyday activities.

With NO Workouts

Non-Exercise Activity Thermogensis (NEAT) is everything you do in a day excluding: eating, sleeping, and sport related activities (1). There is a vast amount of time and effort that we expend on our daily tasks, chores, or work. Changes in NEAT may be important to your energy balance and the physiology of weight change (2). The benefits of NEAT include not only the extra calories expended but also the reduced occurrence of the metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular events, and all-cause mortality. (3)

NEAT Examples

Lawn work and Gardneing
NEAT gardening, lawn care, improve health





NEAT cleaning, home organization, improve health






NEAT groceries, shopping spree, improve health





A gym or even a workout is not needed to begin improving your health and wellness. You can just increase you normal daily activity with activities that we do each and every day. If this seems easy and obvious, then I challenge you to increase your NEAT movement. Add gardening, park farther from the door, or walk down to the farmers market this weekend. Comment what you did. Show what you did by tagging us on instagram, facebook, and tic toc.


Biking or walking to work/ errands

Get movement in before work to loosen muscles and get the brain stimulated for a more engaging work day. Also a more peaceful commute without traffic.

Parking at back of the lot

Parking in the back of parking lot at the store, gym, or where every you are going to gain an extra 100 steps each errand you run.

Take stairs rather than escalator or elevator

Most popular and you might have done this already. Easy way to burn more calories and get those extra steps.


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